I really want to work with you, but it doesn’t look like you have experience in my industry. Can we still work together?

Of course. Although specific needs vary from industry to industry, in general things pretty much run the same in every business. In fact, most of the time I find that my wide knowledge of industry benefits my clients as I

One of my mentors recently said to me, “Your range of skills and ability to serve different clients is impressive!” Wether you run a small profit or a medical research company I am confident I can help improve your business.

Where Are You Located?

I am based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada… but only one of my four current clients is located here. #WeTheNorth

I work with clients in Australia, the USA and Europe, and manage freelancers across the world. I take pride in the fact that I can communicate efficiently across timezones and through language barriers.

i am looking to hire a few different people, do you have anyone trusted you work with to complete projects?

I have multiple, highly experienced copywriters, graphics designers, web developers and marketing consultants. If we need someone to join in on a project we are working on together I can always find someone quickly and easily.


is there anything you can’t do?

Generally speaking, no. I take pride in the fact that I am extremely adaptable and a fast learner. I know everyone says that, but I can prove it to you. If there is something I do not know how to do I figure it out, learn the skill, or hire someone to get the job done up to my standards.

I would say that math is one of my weaker points,

You seem pretty legit, but how can I make sure you are qualified?

Good question.

I am also more then happy to connect you with any of my past or current clients if you would like a 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to hang out with my dog Mars, work on my self-converted sprinter van, attend free astronomy lectures, discover new restaurants,